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Marco Barberini Thumb

Marco Barberini

Modern musician require modern tools in studio and live session."Hipshot products are to the top quality, absolutely amazing."
Josh Smith Thumb

Josh Smith

"Hipshot makes the most reliable, user-friendly, well made and most of all road-worthy hardware out there!”
Rex Brown Thumb

Rex Brown

The Hipshot Xtender has changed my approach to drop tuning. Just flipping the lever gives me a smooth, easy transition with maximum tuning precision. Everyone should check out this awesome product.
Fabio Anicas Thumb

Fabio Anicas

Hipshot hardware is very accurate and solid, a real top-level hardware that make the difference on my guitar. I can only recommend to all guitarists to mount on their guitars 6 String US Contour Tremolo and Grip-Lock Closed Guitar Tuner!!! I love Hipshot products!
Paul Di Leo Thumb

Paul Di Leo

Paul Di Leo (Nena-Adrenaline Mob-Fozzy-Joe Lynn Turner-Billy Joel-Enrique Iglesias and more..) I've been using hipshot extenders and Ultralite bass machines for years. Hipshot products are a crucial part to my musicianship and performance and Crafted to perfection. I love the flexibility of the extenders, dropping down tunings in a blink of an eye. They stay right in tune to whatever tuning you set it to. Hipshot products are amazing and I highly recommend them to all bassist and guitarist.!!!
Matteo Troiano Thumb

Matteo Troiano

"Hipshot really makes the difference when you need a solid, accurate and top-quality-crafted hardware for your instrument. Once you try it one time, you can't come back to any other bridge or tuners. It's a must-have for any professional guitarist or bassist of our times. What else can i say? Hipshot stuff is simply amazing!"  
Jake Haldenwang Thumb

Jake Haldenwang

Jake Haldenwang- I have been using Hipshot Grip-Lock open gear Guitar Tuning Machines and Tremolo Guitar Bridge on my Fender Stratocasters for almost 6 years. I'm not easy on those guitars and have had zero problems with anything. Hipshot products perform flawlessly time after time. Regardless of how aggressively I bend or work the Tremolo bar, the tuning always returns to the neutral position. The strings sit comfortably in the saddles while I tug and bend the tremolo bar with the superior confidence that my guitar will stay in tune. The tuners are an absolute breeze when I have to change strings on the fly. Hipshot Products stand up to the road wear and the support I receive from the factory is second to none. It brings me great comfort knowing I'm covered by this amazing company of fine precision engineering. Photo Credit: Chris Austin Photography Jake Haldenwang-Lead Guitar and Vocals for Halden Vang- 
John S Younger of Heaven Below Thumb

John S Younger of Heaven Below

"The rigors of the stage and the road don't stand a chance against my Hipshot gear."
Adrian “Egg” Norton Thumb

Adrian “Egg” Norton

There is only one brand of bass guitar tuning machines that I use when I want to replace the current tuning machines on a bass. That brand without a doubt is Hipshot! I first put an E string Bass Xtender on a four string bass back in the mid 80’s. I have been sold on these tuning machines ever since. Now I buy cheaper basses and then enhance them the way I like. It’s always been Hipshot tuning machines that I put on them. I also put a Hipshot A-Style Bridge on the last bass that I enhanced. You can’t lose using Hipshot Products!
Ricardo Hernández Aguilar Thumb

Ricardo Hernández Aguilar

"Thanks for the quality and support Your Mexican bajista, @PichieBass"